Moving to Thunder Bay, ON

Thunder Bay is located in North Western Ontario and has Kenora and Rainy River as neighboring districts. It is the largest community on Lake Superior with a census metropolitan area population of more than 120,000 people. The city is centrally located in the middle of Canada and is a two-hour flight from Toronto.

Thunder Bay is the gateway to the Northwest and offers a mix of city life and a small-town feel where community matters. It focuses on welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and celebrates cultures. It is also home to many First Nations and Indigenous communities. The region experiences very diverse weather, enjoying each of the four seasons in all their richness.

Thunder Bay has a diverse economy with a climate for innovation. Small and medium-sized employers, several universities, world-leading research institutions, an international population and industrial regeneration have transformed Thunder Bay in recent years, which is reflected in the career opportunities you will find there.

Today, Thunder Bay is home to big-name manufacturers, local businesses, creative studios and public sector leaders and is growing in different sectors, but especially Aerospace industries, Mining, Forestry, Health Sciences and Health Care, Information and Communications Technologies, and Manufacturing.

Project Welcome partners with Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (Thunder Bay CEDC) to match pre-arrival immigrants with mentors in their occupation in the region.

CEDC Thunder Bay is an arms-length Community Development Corporation tasked to be the primary independent Economic Development Agency for the City of Thunder Bay, ON with a mission to grow and diversify the region’s economy. The organization is involved in many immigration-related projects such as The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP).

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