About Project Welcome

Project Welcome connects immigrating professionals to smaller communities throughout Canada prior to arrival. This program creates connections and encourages newcomers to explore career options in smaller cities giving you an advantage in finding employment that matches your education and skill level, as well as increases the ability of small communities to attract new immigrants.

Project Welcome is pleased to partner with local community organizations across Canada to engage mentors and employers, create connections for program participants through mentorship, and foster welcoming environments. Our program is open to internationally trained professionals approved to immigrate to Canada in the next 2 to 12 months.

Through our online platform, you can:​

  • Learn about the Canadian labour market, communities with labour shortages and what skills are in demand.
  • Access interactive Welcome Toolkits on living and working in small communities that will help make informed decisions.
  • Connect to experienced professionals from small communities for occupation-specific mentorship who will share in-depth information about employment in their field.
  • Get connected to relevant services and local immigrant serving organizations for continuity of support post-arrival.