Meet Mohamed, A Canada InfoNet Mentee

Mohamed, who will be landing in Canada shortly, shares his experience of how being a mentee helped to explore alternative career options and be prepared for the Canadian workplace culture.

My name is Mohamed Awad and I am a new Canadian immigrant working as a Mechanical Engineer.  I started the mentorship program with JVS Toronto’s Canada InfoNet because I wanted to have a better understanding of Canadian workplace culture and how I could get involved in it. I explored different options and then I realized that I have to be more flexible in terms of career path. I was really excited about the idea of having a mentor who could guide me through this transition and explore other options related to my field where I could keep growing in professional and personal terms. (more…)

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Meet Sandeep, A Canada InfoNet Mentor

Sandeep Dani has associated with Canada InfoNet for over 4 years as a mentor. Being an immigrant himself, he is committed to helping the immigrant community settle and integrate within Canada. Sandeep is a risk management executive with 15+ years of experience and has been part of global insurance and consulting firms. He is also on the Board of iPartnerIndia, Canada a Canadian charity focusing on women empowerment and education of vulnerable children.  In this interview, Sandeep talks about mentorship as an opportunity to share his experience and give back to the community.

Why did you decide to become a mentor with Canada InfoNet?


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Myth busters: Is Canadian work experience necessary to find meaningful employment?

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The lack of Canadian experience is one of the most common obstacles for newcomers as they pursue meaningful work in their new country. Many report that they continue to face this challenge even after two or more years of living in Canada. But, what does “lack of Canadian work experience” actually mean?

In this webinar:

Our panel of industry experts advise participants on job search strategies and discuss keys questions such as:

  • Do Canadian employers hire job seekers who are the right fit for the role regardless of the fact that they are newcomers?
  • Can survival jobs count as Canadian work experience?
  • Where does the law stand when it comes to employers asking about Canadian work experience?
  •  How can internationally trained professionals demonstrate to Canadian employers that they have what it takes to fit in Canadian workplaces?


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