About the Program

Canada InfoNet is a free, 8-week employment acceleration and mentorship program designed for professionals approved to immigrate to Canada. Our program is offered in english and French and delivered entirely online.  If you are arriving in Canada in the next 2 to 12 months, Canada InfoNet can help you find employment in your field and in any province.

With our 3 step process, you will gain the knowledge, skills and connections needed to succeed the Canadian work environment.



Work one-on-one with an Employment Specialist to discuss your career path, your job search and identify right job opportunities

Our Employment Specialists will work with you to understand your specific needs and determine what services would benefit you the most. You will receive:

  • Career Planning
    Our employment specialists will work with you to understand your specific needs and provide relevant labor market information and career orientation to help your career transition to Canada.
  • Licensure Pathway
    Receive information if your profession is regulated in Canada and guidance on the licensure pathway.
  • Job Search Strategies
    We will help you have a clear plan and define next steps for your job search in Canada.
  • Identify The Right Job Opportunities
    We will help determine the right job opportunities in your industry as well as alternative jobs that you should consider.


Industry geared webinars and employment information sessions

These webinars feature industry specific employers and guest speakers who cover topics that provide participants with information on the Canadian job market, and how to succeed within it. Benefits of the webinars include:

  • Helping participants become job-ready by increasing their awareness of how their profession is practiced in Canada.
  • Introducing them to potential employers who can answer their industry specific questions.
  • Enhancing their chances for better and faster integration.
  • Engaging employers with the pre-arrival talent pool to fill shortages.

Canada Style Resume Builder

As one of the most important pieces of a job application, the resume is more than just a list of experiences; it tells employers what makes a candidate unique and why they should interview them. The interactive resume builder, offered in both English and French, is an excellent tool that will allow participants to:

  • Create a Canadian style resume, in their own time, in a section by section format.
  • Access downloadable and printable resume samples and resources.
  • Gain an understanding of how to format resumes to target a specific position.
  • Highlight their industry specific experience and how they can support the employer’s goals.

Once a basic resume and cover letter have been created, participants can schedule an online, one-on-one meeting with an employment specialist who will conduct a review and provide feedback.


Our online learning modules will provide guidance on some of the most relevant employment related topics, such as:

  • Setting goals, writing winning cover letters and resumes, face-to-face and online networking.
  • Interview preparation, skills and support.
  • Demonstrating performance, giving and receiving feedback, Canadian performance reviews processes.
  • Managing relationships at work, effective communication and negotiation skills.
  • Mental health for newcomers.

Business Communication Skills 

This session is for professionals looking to enhance their business communication skills to suit the Canadian work environment. Developed in consultation with Canadian employers, this session uses self-directed, guided and interactive teaching methods to improve participants’ language skills quickly. This course will support participants in:

  • Enhancing their workplace communication skills in their field, as required by Canadian employers.
  • Advance their career and achieve success in the Canadian market place.

Customer Service Skills

According to recent labour market surveys, one of Canada’s most in demand skills for many occupations is Customer service. This interactive session will help participants acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for creating memorable service experiences which will add value to any customer-centric employer. The certificate provided at the end of this session will add value to participants in customer facing occupations ranging from sales, marketing, supply-chain, human resources, banking, IT help desk, healthcare, education and many others.



Work with a Mentor in Canada

You will be matched with a Canadian professional working in your field who can share industry-specific occupation and career information through our online mentoring platform. With a team of dedicated volunteer mentors, Canada InfoNet’s unique mentoring program provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Take control of their career path by learning from people who have been where they are.
  • Learn about Canadian employment culture and the unique skills needed to succeed.
  • Improve interpersonal, assertiveness, and professional communication skills.
  • Learn how to network and comfortably integrate into new professional settings.

Networking Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of networking events, including webinars, online group sessions and job fairs making the transition to Canada and finding a job easier and faster.

Employer Connections

You will have access to an online job matching platform where you can apply for suitable jobs, as well as webinars and information sessions that will connect you with top Canadian employers.

Settlement Services

We will also connect you to a variety of services in Canada to ease your transition when you immigrate. You will be connected to relevant employment support services within the province you are moving to ensuing that you have the best start to your future career in Canada.