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Employment opportunities in Canada beyond the big cities, Part 2

Although Canada is a big country most immigrants settle in the country’s biggest cities – Greater Toronto and Metro Vancouver areas. This has a big impact on the cost of living and the labour market which means settling in these cities comes at a significant cost.

It is important for new immigrants to understand that smaller cities in Canada have lower unemployment rates and can offer great job opportunities.

Ageing population and other economic factors have created a great need for immigrant talent in these communities.

In this webinar, the second in our series “Beyond the big cities” (Click here to watch Part 1), we bring you a representative of Thunder Bay, ON. Located west of Toronto and south of Winnipeg, Thunder Bay is known as the city with the Giant Heart. This friendly and down-to-earth northern powerhouse is an ideal place to live and work.  People come to Thunder Bay for economic opportunities. They stay for the stunning nature, new friends and better way of life. There’s a world of employment possibilities to discover outside of the big city. Rewarding professional careers, skilled trades jobs, superior nature and lower property prices are attracting more people from large cities to work in Thunder Bay.

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Presenter:  Emily Lauzon – Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC)