Client Denied In Canada

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Thank you for completing the Project Welcome application form.

Project Welcome connects immigrating professionals to smaller communities throughout Canada prior to arrival. We create meaningful connections through mentorship so program participants can explore the labour market and settling options outside of the larger cities.

This mentorship project is best suited to individuals who are yet to arrive in Canada. Based on the information provided by you during program registration, you are not eligible to participate in the program since you are already in Canada.

I have listed below some online resources, which may be of help to you:

Employment Resources in the GTA – contact Sharon John and ask for newcomer programs

Employment Resources by Canadian Province

Canada InfoNet blog with information specific to pre-arrival needs

Canada InfoNet LinkedIn for the latest news on Canadian labour market

Follow our Career Voice blog – provided by JVS Toronto

For a list of organizations you can connect with in Canada, click here for IRCC newcomer services list:


Project Welcome Team